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Pulling Poker Faces

How to identify what sort of players you are up against

Poker Faces: Some crazy poker players are easier to spot than others!
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One of the most entertaining aspects of playing poker on or offline is that moment when you are faced for the first time with nine other players at a table whom you have never encountered before. At any table of ten people you are going to find at least a DOZEN personalities, simply because poker produces at minimum a split personality in twenty per cent of all players. Let’s try to identify just a few of them and decide how they should be played.

The worst case scenario is when two guys at the table (usually Mr Raw Meat versus Mr Ninja Binge-er) decide they need to enter a personal World War 3 and you find yourself in the crossfire of their bluffing, raising and general jihad. Your tactic is to wait for a good hand and then limp along while the two bulls lock horns and drive the pot up for you. Movie star and poker buff Paul Newman’s assessment that the best character to be at a table is “Mr Unknown” exactly sums up how you survive amongst duelling beasts. However, do not make the mistake of thinking these two bruisers are dumb. They won’t be. Usually they will be naturally aggressive players who recognise each others’ syndrome on sight and  instantly “engage”. Like all angry brawlers, they can be dangerous to everyone around them. Mr Unknown is the best way to bring them down. Happy hunting.

A player who’s drunk online is obviously more difficult to spot than socially. In the latter case the tell-tale signs that booze is taking hold will be detected in the unfunny jokes and the tunnel vision. Always take this guy apart carefully and politely. Be his friend in defeat. Losing makes everyone angry inside. With a drunk it’s magnified six fold (assuming a six-pack) and can end up OUTSIDE in the car park. Please post any character encounters that can educate fellow players on

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Friday January 06, 2006: 
Pulling Poker Faces