All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Putin's Poker Capital

How Russia now has
some of the best casinos in the world!

Who'd have thought Moscow would ever take on the personality of Las Vegas? Well, some of the finest 24/7 casinos in the world are now within dice-throwing distance of Red Square and I'm betting (and so is most of the Russian elite) that the Old Guard are spinning like roulette wheels in their graves. What might make them smile however is the fact that slot machine mega-malls bugger than underground nuke shelters are subsidising food shops for the city's pensioners.

So once you've honed your skills at you can now take them east and enjoy a very different kind of gaming atmosphere than the popcorn bucket ambience of some of the cheaper Vegas hotels. Even if the showdowns don't provide everything you desire, the stunning casino babes hovering at every table most certainly will. This is the playground of the new oil barons and recent mega-rich who are in the main dedicated gamblers and poker players in particular.

We watched one very interesting heads-up game where an Armani-clad Moscow businessman and a local soccer star played one game of Texas Hold 'Em in which the pot consisted of two Rolex watches against the keys to a brande new Hummer 2 parked just outside the casino doors. The Hummer won the day with trip eights taking down two pair.


All The Aces daily poker column:
Monday, September 12, 2005: Putin's Poker Capital