All The Aces Daily Poker Column


In the early morning of July 17th, one player will walk away from the WORLD SERIES OF POKER with at least $7 million!

...And it could be YOU!

That is the highest prize in any sport anywhere in the world and it doesn't stop there. Even the player who came 27th last year won over $20,000 so if you make the top twenty you're rolling in it.

The best you can hope for with golf is a little under the $700,000 paid to Tiger Woods for the US Masters and frankly you can learn the basics of poker quicker than you can decide which iron you're going to use breaking windows and digging up your lawn.

The world's most rewarding poker game will stretch across nine days beginning at the Rio in Vegas and ending up in its more historic home at Binion's Horseshoe.

Only a select group of people are invited to enter Wimbledon or the US Golf Masters but anyone from anywhere prepared to lay out the $10,000 buy-in can enter the preliminary rounds of the World Series of Poker and win all the way through to the "Big One", if Lady Luck clears the way.

Just in case you think this kind of thing can't happen to ordinary folk unless they have the $10,000 in start-up money, consider the case of Chris Moneymaker who won his way through to $2.5 million at the 2003 World Series from a $40 online competition. If Chris's success story fires you up for your first game listen to his down home simple tip for starting out.

"Leave the beer in the fridge. When I'm in a live game, drinking beer, I'm talking and socialising but my mind is sharp. When you're sitting at home alone at your computer screen drinking, it dulls your senses and your game falls apart."

Sound advice!