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When are starting hands worth a bet? Plus play money tables, and another great moment in poker... Leonardo da Caprio versus Doyle Brunson

Starting hands. When are they definitely worth a bet? It's a good question and as a general rule we'd recommend a raise pre-flop for the following starting hands: a pair of Aces, a pair of Kings, a pair of Queens, a pair of Jacks, or Ace-King.


Play money tables are the way most people get started with online poker. They give you all the experience you need to compete for real cash. All good online poker sites will have play money tables, which should be clearly marked in the site's lobby. As an example, let's go through how to play a play money game on most other sites follow the same basic process.

Start by opening the online poker cllient and click "tables" in the lobby area. A long list of tables will offer you all the game details. The play money tables are clearly marked. Double click on your selection. Once you've taken your seat a cashier window will open allowing you to stock up on play money chips. Tick the box for how many chips you want and they'll be delivered to you. If you run out of chips, simple click the chip rack marked "Main Pot". This will activate a menu displaying "Buy More Chips". Whatever you order will be delivered after the next hand is over. If you run out completely you have to go back to the cashier in the lobby to be given another 1,000 play money chips.

A lot of players become eccentric using play money which teaches them nothing except how to get slaughtered when they play for real cash. Treat the free fun games as seriously as you would if your rent was on the line. That's the way to be a winner.

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Leonardo da Caprio versus Doyle Brunson

It's earlier this summer. It's the Bellagio in Las Vegas, a hotel bigger than most English towns. One of the wisest, oldest and greatest living poker players is laying a bet. Across from him is the face of a kid. I'm sure he's a kid but that would be against the law. He has to be over eighteen to even be in the Bellagio. Wait a minute! I've seen this kid before. He was on the deck of the Titanic. It's Leonardo da Caprio facing down "the Man" himself, Doyle "The Texas Dolly" Brunson. A great moment in poker and I'll bet you all the jewels on the Titanic that Doyle came out ahead. More later!

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Friday, August 12, 2005:
Play Money Tables