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Texas Holdem Poker Secrets - study the community cards to win!

Study the community cards!

Why the beginner poker player needs to study the community cards and do some thinking even with a great hand!

As a beginner playing Texas Hold’em, study the community cards carefully and try to figure out what might be lurking in your opponents’ hole cards. For example, let’s say the community cards at this stage are ace-queen-ten (all of spades) and you are holding a king of hearts and a jack of clubs. You’re feeling like Superman because you’ve got a premium straight. Pause and think. If all three flopped community cards are spades and there’s still the turn and the river to come, plus all the hole cards out there with the opposition, there’s a massive chance someone’s going to land a flush! Sometimes your biggest loss will come when you’re holding your best hand and raising like mad. Observe everything carefully before piling in.