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Table Selection
Poker Tip of the Day

Why picking the right poker table can pay big time!

If you've decided to snatch a quick hour of online Texas Hold 'em during your lunch break, and you want to make it pay, table selection will be the key.

Take a swift look around the lobby area and check out at least three or four of the available tables. You can quickly work out which is the tightest of the tables by looking at the number of players per table, the average pot size, the number of hands being played per hour at any given table and the percentage of players from each group seeing the flop. You're looking for the most passive tables so that you can attack with aggressive play.

If it happens to have the most hands played per hour as well. you'll have more than the average number of pots to attack in the time you have available.

Make it pay while the boss is down the pub!