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The Taxman Folds Against WSOP Winner

How Poker Winner Got To Have His Cake and Eat It!

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Don’t you just love it when a big win becomes an even bigger win? Maybe it only happens in poker. You will all recall, as we do with simmering envy, that amateur onliner Australian Joseph Hachem won $7,500,000 at last year’s World Series of Poker. Well, the cream on the cake is that the Oz government can’t touch a penny of it in tax. Joseph pointed out to the tax authorities that at the time of his win, poker was merely his hobby and not his profession.

Professionally, Hachem was a chiropractor who had only been playing online for fun for a couple of years. His truthful claim has been upheld and he gets to keep all $7,500,000. It gets better! He has rewarded his native country by leaving immediately to go and live in the mansion he has bought in Beverly Hills, California so that he can pursue his NEW profession. That’s right. He’s turned poker professional and is looking forward to taking on some of his famous neighbours, including Matt Damon, Ben Afflek and Toby “Spiderman” Mcguire. If things don’t go as well as he hopes he can always offer to manipulate Jennifer Lopez’s back, professionally, of course. Poker’s rewards know no bounds. If this true life story of amateur makes good doesn’t have you signing on for a FREE tutorial at we give up.

Q: What does the term “big slick” mean?
A: It’s used to describe king-ace when dealt as hole cards.

Q: What does the term “to bump” mean?
A: It simply means to raise the pot. Literally, to bump-it-up!.

Q: What does the term “calling station” mean?
A: It refers to a player who is easily exploited for his or her exaggerated tendency to call too many bets.

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ALL THE ACES poker column:
Sunday January 08, 2006: 
The Taxman Folds Against WSOP Winner