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Tells and False Tells in Online Texas Hold'em

Tells and False tells in online texas hold'emOne of the concerns Texas holdem poker players have regarding the online game are the lack of tells. The fact is that there are tells in online Texas hold’em and it is possible not only to exploit them, but to deliver false tells and exploit those trying to spot tells as well.

Tells in Online Texas Hold’em

When an opponent takes a long time and then calls, it can mean he or she is weak and not confident in his or her hand, but it often means that he or she is very strong and want you to believe he or she was considering folding. If someone takes a long time and then raises, look out. This is almost never a bluff.

False Tells in Online Texas Hold’em

If you realize you are up against an experienced, savvy player, you can use this information against them. If you have a monster hand and call his or her bet quickly, he or she may be inclined to put in a giant bet on the turn to discourage your draw, at which point you can pounce. If you’re on a draw or a bluff, you can wait a long time and then call and raise, knowing that the experienced player is likely to read this for strength. Of course, if the player is really good, this will only work a few times, so use this weapon judiciously.