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2 Texas hold 'em tips

Use these Texas hold 'em tips to play better poker!

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Let's look at a couple of interesting Texas hold 'em tips for when you are playing poker online.

The first is the check-raise.This is when you check to your opponent with the idea of seducing him to bet so that you can then raise him back. Your scam is to give your opponent or opponents a false sense of security with your initial check, luring them out so you can hit them with your follow up raise and make the pot more juicy. Keep in mind, if an opponent invests a bet he probably has committed himself enough to go for one more to chase his investment. That will likely be his mistake and your good fortune.


"Sometimes NOTHIN' can be a real cool hand!"

~ Paul Newman as Lucas Jackson in the classic card movie Cool Hand Luke.

Another good Texas hold 'em tip is worth using if you're the first person to take action in a hand, especially if you're in the mood