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'The Knowledge' according to Hollywood's celebrity poker players

What the poker celebs reckon you need to know

The Knowledge according to Hollywood's celebrity poker players

It’s all about “the knowledge”! If you know you’re going to be playing professionals, keep this famous line from Matt Damon’s poker classic “Rounders” in mind at all times. “If a fish acts strong, he’s bluffing! If he acts weak, he’s got a hand, it’s that simple!”  For the newbies among you, a certain type of experienced player regards himself as a shark and everyone else as “fish”. Decide which you are and keep Matt’s mantra in mind.

While we’re talking movie stars, THE place to be as a poker playing celebrity these days is Norby Walter’s apartment in West Hollywood. Regulars include Sharon Stone, Dennis Hopper, Robert Downey Jnr, Burt Reynolds and Alec Baldwin. If you’re a big enough star you might also get an invite to producer John Landau’s palatial home where David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry, stars of TV’s “Friends” go head to head with comic legends like Chevy Chase. Of course, if $10,000 buy-ins are your scene you’re not even going to bother with Toby “Spiderman” Maguire’s poker parties with $2,000 buy-ins, you’re headed straight for the “Big Boys” where the likes of Jack Black, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio meet up with notorious high rollers at Reagan Silber’s place in Bel Air. They say enough money changes hands to finance a re-make of “Ben Hur”.

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Ben Affleck, one of Hollywood’s most serious poker fanatics, is teaming up with fellow player David Schwimmer to make a poker movie dedicated to the famous Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas.
At last their hobby and their careers combine for what should be a labour of love. Wonder how much of their multi million dollar salaries will change hands during breaks in shooting as the line between the script and real life becomes inevitably blurred.

Not to be outdone by fellow “Friends” stars Schwimmer and Perry taking poker to heart, Lisa Kudrow (alias Phoebe Buffay) is producing a movie based on the life of poker royalty Annie “The Duchess” Duke for American TV network NBC.

If multi-millionaire movie stars find poker the most enthralling way to spend their free time, given all the lifestyle choices they have, it suggests this is a game without equal. Our tip is to recommend you go to and take a tutorial in Texas Hold’em. You’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.

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Tuesday, November
 8, 2005: 
"The Knowledge" according to Hollywood's Celebrity Poker Players