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The Top Strip Poker Sites

Discover the best strip poker
sites on the web!

Hey, are you looking for the best online free video strip poker sites? A strip poker site allows you to play Texas Hold'em 'against' beautiful sexy models - if you win, they take their clothes off! Sweeeeeeeet!

Of course, you are not really playing against the model in reality - it's all just a clever strip poker robot program that will reveal successive strip pictures of sexy girls as you progress in the game. It's a fun way to practice your online poker skills and see sexy beautiful girls stripping off their clothes and revealing their naked bodies.

While most strip poker sites let you play free, you will find that most of them let you see 4 or 5 progressive strip pics and then if you want to see more of the girl (more nude pics and nude videos) then you are asked to join the member site which will require a fee. It's up to you, you can have some fun flitting for free between the various models thay offer, winning through to see all their free pics before moving on... or you can sign up for immediate access to the stronger stuff. It's a bit of titilation really -- if you are serious about your poker, its an amusing five minute distraction before you head back to the genuine tables at:

Anyway, without further ado, here are the best strip poker sites for you to check out:


Starpoker #1 strip poker site

This site offers free strip poker games with very attractive models who are rated according to difficulty of play. I chose EASY because I like easy girls! And I found the game progressed quite quickly and she suggestively peeled off her clothes while peeling off the virtual video strip poker card deck! Apparently has a lot of amateur models on there and suggests you might see your neighbour on there. Given that my neighbour is obese with a hairy top lip I can only say: Eeurgh! Fortunately, I saw only gorgeous looking girls at:


Bunnypoker strip poker site

This is actually quite challenging at times - deliberately so I expect, there are banners at the top of the page and the slow progress would encourage you to sign up for VIP access - that said, it does look like an attractive member site. Good strip poker game though. Gets you hooked! See

3. Playboy Strip Poker

Playbouy Strip poker strippoker with the Playboy playmates

Playboy's free video strip poker game is different in that it has audio - the kaching as you throw your coins in the pot, and the Playmate's encouragement when you win! It's a really easy game that they want you to win. You need to "bet aggressively" by selecting the maximum amount to bet ($10) and then you must simply accumulate funds until you can BUY the girls clothing off her! You can also TIP her to get her to change position with what she is currently wearing (or not wearing as the case may be!). It's not as challenging as other strip poker games but if you want to see a Playboy girl naked... then you know what to do. The pics are not as clear as the ones on the top 2 poker strip sites either. Check it out here: Playboy Strip Poker

4. Carl'sFreaking Strip Poker:

Freaky strip poker - I wish I was you looking at me!

From the sublime to the ridiculous. This is a great flash site with sleazy characters who abuse you verbally while playing you at strip poker. If you want to see cartoon characters strip then... hey, I ain't holding you back. Go see at: Carl'sFreaking Strip Poker

5. VSP Strippoker

VSP strip poker membership site

This looks like a good strip poker game, but it does require you to get a membership before you can play. The pictures seem stronger and feature more "normal" girls than the others.

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