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The Turning Point For Poker Players

How to seize a 3-Fold Advantage at the Turn!

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As all but the newbies among you will know by now, the “turn” card is the fourth community card and precedes the final community card, known as the “river”. Most experienced players like to raise at the turn if things are going well. The reason for this is that the turn is the best value place to make a raise. Consider why this is so. Following the turn most players will be hoping the final community card, the “river”, will complete their hand. It follows that if you choose to raise at the turn all the other players have a lot of pressure added to their decision making process. You’ve made their desire to go all the way to the river much more expensive for them. If you already have a good hand you now have a three fold advantage:

1)You have created a position which may draw more players into the pot, building the potential reward for your hand.
2)The reaction of your opponents at this point will give you excellent clues as to what they are likely holding.
3)All players who are not absolutely convinced by the potential of their own hand are very unlikely to put themselves and their money into a raise and re-raise war at the river.

The above tactic is a good way to play the turn if you have the right hand. There is of course the chance that an opponent who sticks with you achieves a better hand than you at the river.(You may be confidently sizzling with a Full House unaware that the opposition has made a flush) At this point, if you are still full of confidence in your own hand, it could get very costly at the showdown. The way to head this situation off is to always make your tactic a raise at the turn but a call at the river if any other player is looking bold and aggressive.

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ALL THE ACES poker column:
 30, 2005: 
The Turning Point For Poker Players