All The Aces Daily Poker Column

The Celebrity Poker
Player Advantage

How celebrity poker player's use fame and fortune
to their advantage to dominate poker tournaments

There’s no doubting an ever expanding group of top celebrities are adopting poker as a lifestyle sideline. A handful of them are actually really talented. Jennifer Tilly won the ladies Texas Hold’em event at the World series of Poker by beating six hundred other female competitiors and Ben Affleck took the California State poker Championship title convincingly. However, we’re entitled to a beef when someone like Affleck can easily toss down $10,000 for a buy-in to almost any tournament he feels like entering, including the California State which he just won. What we can definitely say about young Ben is that anyone who can genuinely convince the cinema going public that movies like “Daredevil” and the achingly awful “Reindeer Games” are films worth seeing should be a master at bluffing. Further, with his kind of bankroll, it’s always going to take some very well heeled individuals to stand up to him when he starts turning on the financial intimidation (plus, the inbuilt "I'm a celebrity" intimidation). Fortunately, those individuals are out there and I’m sure he’s been nailed a few times.