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The Turn Card
in Texas Hold'em

The best way to play the turn card
in Texas Hold 'em poker...

The “turn” card in Texas Hold’em is significant in the extreme to poker players who really know their game. For beginners let’s just recap that the “turn” card is the fourth community card dealt face up and follows the “flop” during which the first three community cards are dealt face up on the table. Most reasonably seasoned players will take a very cautious approach to the “turn” card. An over-sized bet at this stage will frighten off a majority of the opposition and prevent them going to the “river”, the fifth and final community card to be dealt. This deprives the pot of funds it would otherwise be gathering and it deprives the winner of value if he has managed to build a premium hand on the way to the “turn”. Given that players will already be holding their two concealed hole cards and will have the three face up cards from the flop to observe, most  will have the basis of their hand formed in their minds by the time the “turn” card comes round. Those with medium strength hands will not need much aggression from an opponent to induce a fold, hence the need for caution if you hold  the bones of a winning hand.

the turn card

How will YOU play the turn card at: ?

Experienced players with potentially premium hands at this stage are therefore likely to do nothing alarming. The “turn” card is where a flush is likely to come good, particularly if the flop has pro