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Chris Moneymaker spills the beans on his poker betting strategy secrets...

WSOP Winner Chris Moneymaker
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WSOP WINNER'S TIPS There's a lot to learn from eavesdropping on someone who's won the World Series of Poker. The following conversation reveals some of the thoughts of Chris Moneymaker, the aptly named 2003 WSOP winner.

"A couple of years ago, I'd get an A-K or A-Q and I'd go all in," says Moneymaker, "but if I had 5-6 suited, I'd lay it down. Now I'd be more likely to do the opposite!" Chris goes on to explain: "Yesterday I raised under the gun with 2-4 offsuit. I represented a big hand, and the flop came 2-6-8. I bet out and somebody called. Then a deuce came on the turn. I bet out and somebody put me all-in. "Normally I'd be very happy about that, but this was a good player who came over the top. He had only top pair but I was concerned."

The lesson here is that as play unfolds you get to read the quality of your opposition. If you're alert, it should send out danger signals if things begin to develop as above. Note the skill levels of your opposition as they betray them and adjust your game and betting strategy to take them into account.

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