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Fake Betting Actions And How To Spot Them

Todays Poker Tip: Fake betting actions and how to spot them
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If you have borderline cards in a short-handed social game, make a hand movement as though you are going for your chips to make a bet. If any of your opponents are already doing the same while they see you mulling the possibility of betting, you can be fairly sure they are simply trying to intimidate you into NOT betting. By making you feel they are definitely going to continue in the fray (reaching for their chip stack), they are hoping to influence you to fold. When you see this action, it’s a signal that you SHOULD bet and take them on. They wouldn’t be trying to get you to fold if they had a premium hand. They’d want you to stay in the game and build up the value of the pot for them. Opposing players do this with varying degrees of subtlety. Watch for it when playing socially.

Q: My father was an avid poker player but sadly passed away a month before Christmas. He had a poker slogan over his bed which read: 

          I’ll play any man-from any land
          Any game-that he can name
          For any amount that I can count.

Do you know whose slogan that is?

A: Yes. A true poker legend: Puggy Pearson. He would travel America with that slogan emblazoned on the side of his huge touring motor home. But in small print under the slogan were the words:

          ...As long as I like it!

Great poker players always have a trick up their sleeves.

Q: I have been playing poker socially for years and never been very successful. Since taking up online poker I have been on a winning streak for two months. Any idea why or is it just my turn to be lucky?
Most likely it’s the fact that you are able to fully focus online. There are lots of distractions in social or live casino poker. Talking, jokes, drinking, smoke and general background noises can play havoc with mental function. The quiet environment of your own home with just the screen images of online poker to focus on usually leads to one hundred per cent concentration on the game in hand. If you are a naturally good player, this will enhance your game no end. Your story is a common one. Congratulations. The luck element would be equally distributed on or offline, so you can pretty much discount it.

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