All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Twin Monitors
and Multi-Tabling

Are you rushing too soon
into playing multi-table poker?

An increasing number of new players are getting confident a little too quickly and are multi-tabling with twin monitors too early. It needs to be realised that you are giving up edge and focus by splitting your attention between two, three or even four games. Keeping track of nine players is tricky enough but when it starts to be dozens you’re asking a lot of your new found confidence. Here are some questions and answers which will give you an insight into multi-tabling.


Q: What adjustments do I need to make to my computer to play multiple games?
Certain sites are set up so that their software will allow you to play up to four screens on a single PC screen. Others have overlapping screens. In order to prepare your screen to play four games at once you need to adjust your screen resolution to 1,600 X 1,200. Support at the majority of sites will take you through this process simply and are very helpful.

Q: Is it possible to play with more than one monitor. I have friends in the States who say they are doing it?
Yes. It can be done and very keen players do it by using either two graphic cards or a dual monitor card. You can even set things up so that you can run your cursor from screen to screen. This is a big technical bonus as you can visually focus on both games at the same time and by maintaining each game on a large screen instead of a multiple split screen it’s easier on the eyes. There are some eccentrics I know of out there who play on half a dozen monitors at once.

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