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University Poker Challenge

Getting The Third Degree In POKER!

University Poker Challenge

We’re all familiar with the BBC’s University Challenge where some of the UK’s top young brains attempt to out-do one another in a knockout knowledge quiz.

Well, now we have the University Poker League with Uni versus Uni tournaments and thousands of students becoming just as savvy at Texas Hold’em as they are at the history of ancient Egypt and the ins and outs of nuclear fission. Generally recognised as a game of skill, poker captures the student mind which enjoys grappling with strategies that lead to a healthy reward. Can’t be that many subjects where the Daily Star is a better learning vehicle than a top class University but when it comes to Texas Hold’em tutorials we confidently claim that a full lesson at will be a master class in poker excellence. What’s more. We don’t charge student fees. It’s fun and it’s FREE! Add to your education on us.

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There’s nothing more likely to put the fear of losing into a table of opponents than the site of you sitting quietly shuffling chips like a magician. If you can roll a chip across your knuckles while the first cards are being dealt and then shuffle your chip stack with one hand with seamless ease, you’ll already be treated with a lot of respect that you can capitalise on. Give a try if you want to have some fun over Christmas, especially if you have some social poker planned for New Year’s Eve.

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Wednesday December 21, 2005: 
University Poker Challenge