All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Using The Poker Chat Feature

To chat or not to chat when playing poker online... 3 things to consider

Playing poker online can get a bit lonely so it’s nice to be able to ‘talk’ with the other players using the chat feature. A little bit of banter will help you feel part of the growing worldwide community of poker players. And it gives you something to do while waiting your turn. But when playing real money games you should beware of the ‘banter box’ for three reasons. Firstly, if you get more interested in the conversation than the game, you’ll be distracted and won’t play to your best. Secondly, you could be giving away clues as to what kind of personality, and thus player, you are. And thirdly, some clever players will use the chat feature to give you a false impression of what kind of person they are, hoping that it will affect the way you bet against them. You of course could be the clever player and use the chat feature to distract other players, read clues into what sort of player they are and feed them a false image of who you are or what kind of hand you have! Have fun with the chat feature and remember that you can always ignore it, disable it or block any player that you find annoying. And they can do the same to you!

Students of Poker

For university students, the most popular pastime on their PCs may no longer involve Jenna Jameson or Paris Hilton. Online Porn (or Media Studies as many male students think of it) is taking a backseat to Poker. Look around the lecture halls of Britain’s universities and you’ll see students busy on their laptops, but they aren’t just taking notes on the lecture… they are going all-in with dubious hole cards in the hope of paying off their student loan. Poker societies are springing up on every campus as poker’s popularity grows and now there’s even a VC Student Poker Championships to find the UK’s best student poker player. With a prize pool of £2