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Video Poker versus Regular Online Poker

What's the difference between these two popular online poker games?

video poker versus... v ...regular online poker!
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For those of you considering learning poker and going online for the first time it’s important to define the difference between regular online Texas Hold’em and video poker. Video poker is played against a machine with a fifty three card pack (including the joker) The house is banking the game but the machine is not trying to beat you. It just delivers the cards. There’s no-one to bluff. It’s more like solitaire. Hand rankings are more or less the same for regular online poker as they are for video poker.  With video poker your “straight” is always going to win you something. There are no other players so you can’t be pipped by a royal flush at the last minute. Some interesting differences do occur. For example in Texas Hold’em a straight flush is pretty much as likely to win a pot as a royal flush, except on those one in a million occasions when both hands arrive in the same game. In video poker however, a royal flush pays out sixteen times more than a straight flush!

If you land a pair of aces and a pair of queens in Hold’em it will crush an opponent who has a pair of eights and a pair of sixes. Strangely, in video poker both these hands would pay out the same winnings. In other words, “two pair hands” are all rewarded the same payout in video poker.

All video machines are random. Players who think they see patterns are deluded. There are some excellent strategies for playing “Deuces Wild” and we’ll be devoting a column to that soon. The fact remains that your chances of winning at Texas Hold’em are enhanced by certain skills which can be developed. This is what separates it from ordinary gaming. If want to try a FREE Hold’em tutorial go to If you want a fast fun game of video poker, go to the same site and hit the CASINO button. You’ll find one of the best video poker games available, along with eighty other excellent casino games, including roulette and blackjack.

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Video Poker versus Regular Online Poker