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Web Cam Poker

How web cam poker could be 'the next big thing' in online poker!

Web Cam Poker - what online webcam poker would look like

The Web is an amazing place for innovation. It’s only a few days since we mentioned that spotting “tells” online was a more complicated skill than it is socially because obviously you can’t read facial expressions. Well, that’s about to change. Several developers are perfecting web cam poker software for online poker application (example: web cam poker module). This is a double edged sword. Those of us given to playing online poker at night wearing only our slippers and a cup of tea might want to pause and consider the tuxedo instead. Others will find it to be just the invention they were praying for as “Vegas Vic from Cheam” is unmasked as your mate’s mother-in-law. On a more useful level, poker web cams will enable you to see the sweat on a bluffer’s brow. Updates very soon on the availability of this web cam poker technology on

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Q: This is my first week observing online poker from the sidelines. I think I’ve understood the basics of Texas Hold’em. I’m ready to play. What’s your best tip?
Wait for the best position to start. If you can sit to the immediate right of the dealer button at the outset of a game this will enable you to see the first hand for free, because you will be the last player to act apart from the dealer. All betting rotates from the dealer´s left in a clockwise rotation.

Q: I’m about to start playing for real money. How does NETELLER work?
NETELLER is effectively your personal ATM card on the web. It´s a publicly listed company which enables you to withdraw your winnings easily. It functions through the Cirrus-Maestro network which means you can move your withdrawals via NETELLER onto the network and quite literally go down the street and draw your winnings out from a cash-point. Think of it as an online wallet.

Q: Is there any truth in the rumour that the way a player stacks  chips infront of him or her betrays what type of player they are?
A: It’s an old chestnut among professionals that a beginner who stacks his or her chips in an ordered and conservative manner is a tight player and that someone with a sloppy stack is a loose player.
Our personal experience of years of social play is that it appears to be true in a majority of cases. Certainly it’s something to watch for when you sit down with someone you don’t know for the first time.

Q: What’s the best free tutorial I can find for Texas Hold’em and Omaha on the web?
A: That’s easy. Go to and enjoy learning. It’s simple and it’s entertaining. All major sites offer similar lessons.

Webcam poker - could web cam poker be the next big thing in online poker?

More on web cam poker...

Here are some additional thoughts on web cam poker. Online poker needs an innovation. The poker site that innovates can steal some of the thunder of the big poker sites who dominate online poker. Being able to play poker online AND SEE your opponents is going to be a major innovation. It will open up tournament play like nothing before. However, there is likely to be a lot of resistance to web cam poker too. Most of us are quite happy sitting here in our pants in our little rooms, and we won't be all that keen to let the world peer into our homes and see what is going on in the background! That said, there will be a big audience for web cam poker - those people who like to see who they are playing against and like the interaction of social poker where you get to see that you are playing real people. Web cam poker tournaments could offer all the excitement of casino based tournaments. Web cam poker will also be of benefit to those seeking to arrange private poker games online. If you have a group of poker buddies that can't get together because of distance, you could still meet up for the weekly game by booking a private web cam poker room at one of the big poker sites. Given the prices being touted by developers such as web cam poker module, this could be the only affordable use of web cam poker - an exclusive service for paying members. I'm sure it is possible to make web cam poker software affordable for the poker sites to use widely with thousands of members. The casinos are currently experimenting with web cam poker where you get to see the attractive lady dealers in their casinos (See: Live Webcam Casino). It's not quite the same. You can also find web cam strip poker online where you get to play poker against the stripper - this is a nice new twist that can only further boost the popularity of online strip poker. No doubt we'll be hearing more about the web cam poker idea soon!

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Web Cam Poker