All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Weird Moments In Poker

Strange plays at the poker table...

The board has three hearts, the board is not paired, but a straight flush is possible for the players at our table. By the river we’re down to two players reducing the rest of us to interested  spectators. One player has an ace high flush, the other a straight flush. Neither of them are psychic so neither of them know these facts at this stage. The straight flush guy believes the action has finished and shows his cards face up several inches in front of him. The dealer pauses and says “6 to call” to the straight flush player. There is a l-o-n-g agonising pause. Everyone at the table except the ace high flush guy glimpses the cards and realises what’s happened. The straight flush player finally grasps the situation and slams one hand down over his vulnerable face up cards. The straight flush guy raises. Twenty bets take place before the ace high flush guy finally calls. The ace high flush guy looks understandably puzzled when the straight flush player raises his hand off the table, revealing his winning hand face up beneath it!

This is the weirdest moment in poker I can personally remember but several of you have sent your own incidents into and they make mine look like an every day event. Please keep them coming as they are very entertaining and I’ll be posting the truly believable best at regular intervals as the column proceeds.

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A player’s self image can be an important clue as to how they are going to play poker. If you notice screen names like “Bellagio Bob” or Vic “The Venom” Bellamy you’ll know these guys have a high opinion of themselves. If the evidence of a few games bares this out, play loose. If on the other hand you run into dudes with screen names like Nick “The Numbers” Nolan or Al “The Vice” Winter, you maybe looking at tight playing mathematicians who’s idea of aggressive poker is that they gave up whis