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What Makes A Good Poker Player

And more importantly, are YOU one?

What makes a good poker player?
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What makes a good poker player? That's the essential question anyone who becomes interested in the game should be asking. To be a good poker player, a general knowledge of percentages is a great help. For example, professional poker players will know that if they're holding a pocket pair, they have approximately a one chance in eight of landing a set (three of a kind) at the flop. Similarly, they'll be aware they have one chance in three of completing a flush draw at the flop. Good players are also alert to the importance of "outs". Outs are simply the number of cards you need to improve your hand. Just count your outs, multiply them by two, then add one, and that'll give you the rough percentage shot you have for landing your hand. Knowledge of outs carries little value unless you can turn it into sensible, calculated betting. The purpose of understanding outs is so that you can figure out your all important pot odds.

Let's say your outs calculations offer you a twenty percent chance of landing your hand. What do you do with this info? Easy. Once you've worked out your chance of hitting your hand, you divide the size of the pot at the river (the current state of the pot plus the amount you think will likely be added through future bets) by the amount you have wagered. If your chances are twenty percent of hitting, and the bet to you is $50 and you reckon the pot at the river will be more than $250, you call! If not, you fold. These basic math skills are the bullets in your gun if you want to become a serious poker assassin.

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Thursday December 08,
What makes a good poker player?