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What would YOU do if you found yourself in this position at the final table of a big poker tournament?

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Okay, let’s see how your skills are progressing. Imagine you are heads up facing the chip leader at the final table of a big tournament. Your opponent raises from the button and you call with ten of hearts and nine of hearts. Jack of diamonds-eight of hearts and seven of clubs result from the flop. Would the wise move be to go for a small raise, go all-in or check to your opponent’s bet? Consider your answer carefully before you read our suggestion.

With a jack high straight you have a premium Texas Hold’em hand and a superb opportunity to load a trap for your opposition. Your opponent may have picked up a benefit from the flop also but it’s unlikely he can match your hand. Set the bait for him to try to catch you up or bluff to gain the pot. Check here and let him do the betting. You are likely to suck more of his money into the pot by playing it very cool and calling to his bets. Let him make the running and don’t scare him off. A check is the right play.


“What’s the difference between a poker player and a dog?”

“After about ten years the dog stops whining!” 

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Thursday December 01
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