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Best Gaming TV Channels

Exciting poker events broadcast on TV...

Some of the best gaming TV channels are using up to twenty cameras to cover exciting poker events. It seems the James Bond image of thousands of dollars being at stake in any one hand is grabbing the public's attention and making celebrities out of the players with nerves of steel prepared to face down any opposition. THe cameras involve the audience by spying on hole cards that the players themselves can't see and as a result heat up the unfolding drama. It's Big Brother with risk, money, strategy and skill.

Today's Poker Tip

One of the finer points of poker is that the game exposes you to more experience as you move up through the various stakes. If you've been doing well at $1-$2 games, make the move up to $2-$4. Make sure you watch the more expensive games first and see what more experienced players bring to their game. It's a bit like natural selection. You'll see right away how the players at higher stake games have evolved their play to the next level. It's a rewarding move because even if you can find it tough, you'll learn more and you can always drop back down for a while. If you do, you'll find right away you're a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Try it. Dinosaurs tend to die out after a while. Move up the food chain!

How To Shake the PartyPoker Money Tree

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Texas Hold 'Em Smart Cards

If anyone playing on has used one of the newly available American Texas Hold'em "smart cards", we'd like to know your opinion of their function and whether they add anything to your game. Several of us have tried them with mixed results. We'd like to offer a proper survey to readers based on an in-depth study. Please give us your thoughts at [email protected] .

WSOP 2005 Final Count $103,000,000

The final net prize pool for this year's World Series of Poker has now been confirmed by Harrah's entertainment a accountants as having topped the magic $100,000,000 mark by a cool $3,000,000. Aussie winner, Joseph Hachem's straight trounced Steve Dannenmann, earning him $7,500,000 in the process: enough to buy a brewery down under! Mind you, Dannenmann took home a second prize worth $4,250,000. Roll on WSOP 2006!

Frequently Asked Poker Questions

Q: When do you receive a free card?
A: If everyone checks on a round of betting, you'll be dealt a free card. The downside is, so will everyone else left in the hand, which is bad news for the pot size if you have good cards.

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Best Gaming TV CHannels