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Daily Poker Column
archive for October 2005

This is the archive for the ALL THE ACES
daily poker column appearing in The Daily
Star newspaper in October 2005:

  1. Legends of Poker Phil Hellmuth
    Saturday-October-01-2005: LEGEND OF POKER: PHIL "POKER BRAT" HELLMUTH. Why Phil Hellmuth is both feared and revered as a poker player. Plus, affiliates, bonus programs, and poker bots explained.
  2. Playing Poker Against The Clock
    Sunday-October-02-2005: Part 1: PLAYING POKER AGAINST THE CLOCK. Getting used to the online poker tempo when you've been used to taking your time in offline social poker.
  3. CelebPoker's poker celebs
    Sunday-October-02-2005: Part 2: CELEBPOKER'S POKER CELEBRITIES. Celebrity poker players - the latest celebs to show their hand! Plus, poker maths and the term inside-straight explained.
  4. Poker Paradise One Million Dollar Winner
    Monday-October-03-2005: POKER PARADISE'S ONE MILLION DOLLAR ONLINE POKER PRIZE WINNER. How a British chef with only a couple of years of online poker under his belt won a million dollars playing poker online. Full details of his winning poker strategy.
  5. What sort of people play poker at online poker sites
    Tuesday-October-04-2005: WHAT SORT OF PEOPLE PLAY POKER AT ONLINE POKER SITES? We peer into the melting pot of online poker... Plus, check-raise, steal-raise and the squeeze defined.
  6. Best Gaming TV Channels
    Wednesday-October-05-2005: BEST GAMING TV CHANNELS. Why TV has captured the public's imagination and interest in poker. Plus, moving up in poker game stakes, texas hold 'em smart cards, the WSOP 2005 final prize fund total, and poker tips and qurestions answered.
  7. Using Online Poker Tracking Software To Make Money
    Thursday-October-06-2005: USING ONLINE POKER TRACKER SOFTWARE TO MAKE MONEY. Getting useful poker intelligence data with tracking software designed to help you win more money.
  8. Frequently Asked Poker Questions
    Friday-October-07-2005: FREQUENTLY ASKED POKER QUESTIONS. If you're new to poker or online poker, here is a poker FAQ to get you started.
  9. How To Improve Your Poker Odds Playing Full Tables
    Saturday-October-08-2005: HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR POKER ODDS PLAYING AT FULL TABLES. The poker strategy that pays off with the big winning pots. Plus an insight into Omaha poker.
  10. Trustworthy Poker Sites and the Fabulous Flop
    Sunday-October-09-2005: TRUSTWORTHY POKERSITES AND THE FABULOUS FLOP. Where can you safely play online poker and enjoy the thrill of the flop? Plus, smart roulette systems, the origins of Doyle Brunson's nickname, and the odds of getting a pair as your hole cards.
  11. Pokers Prop Players and Bonus Whoring
    Monday-October-10-2005: POKER'S PROP PLAYERS, AND BONUS WHORING. How some poker sites pay prop players to fill out their tables and ensure sufficient action for their new players. Plus we explain the term bonus whoring and take another spin of the roulette wheel.
  12. Legends of Poker How Bugsy Siegel Launched Las Vegas
    Tuesday-October-11-2005: Discover how gangster Bugsy Siegel helped found and launch the gambling city of Las Vegas. Plus, what is meant by the poker term, LIMPING or LIMPING IN, and what does poker legend Phil Gordon advise in relation to limping in?
  13. Paigow Chinese Poker Online
    Wednesday-October-12-2005: PAI GOW CHINESE POKER ONLINE. How to play the online game of Pai Gow or Chinese poker. Learn the rules, tips and strategies for playing this exciting alternative to Texas Hold'em.
  14. Online Poker Tournament Strategy For Beginners
    Thursday-October-13-2005: ONLINE POKER TOURNAMENT STRATEGY FOR BEGINNERS. What you need to know about online poker tournaments and the tips and strategies of how to win them. Plus, the poker terms horse and chase are explained.
  15. Poker Odds: Count Your Outs After The Flop
    Friday-October-14-2005: TO CALCULATE YOUR POKER ODDS: COUNT YOUR OUTS AFTER THE FLOP. A quick way of calculating your winning poker odds following the flop. Plus, Hell's Bells Helen Chamberlain blazing the trail for UK ladies poker; and LIPS Ladies International Poker Series Tour - get playing poker ladies.
  16. Female Poker Players: Tiffany Williamson WSOP
    Saturday-October-15-2005: TOP FEMALE POKER PLAYERS: TIFFANY WILLIAMSON. How the "Queen of Clerkenwell" is rapidly becoming one of the top female poker players in the world. Here Tiffany describes her progress through the WSOP.
  17. Poker hand rankings plus poker no-no's and poker problems
    Sunday-October-16-2005: Poker hand rankings reminder graphic for beginners, plus poker No-No's the rules of smart poker, and poker problems a fun poker tutorial for you to take, oh and all your latest poker questions answered.
  18. Poker Duelling The Heads Up
    Monday-October-17-2005: POKER DUELLING: THE HEADS UP. When the last two players left in a poker game or tournament go head to head it's known as the Heads-Up. Like a gunfight, you need to play the heads-up just right. Here's how. Plus, the poker terms "golfbag" and "fish" are explained.
  19. Trapping by Bluffing and Using Poker Chip Tricks
    Tuesday-October-18-2005: THE ART OF TRAPPING OPPONENTS USING BLUFFING AND POKER CHIP TRICKS. How to use bluffing and poker chip tricks to trap, confuse, bemuse and befuddle your poker opponents.
  20. Camouflage Poker: Hiding Your Online Poker Game From Your Boss
    Wednesday-October-19-2005: How not to get caught by your boss playing online poker at work. The fine art of poker camouflage. Plus, the latest must-have item of poker gear, poker specs or poker glasses that hide or camouflage those giveaway eye tells.
  21. Is poker a game of chance or skill?
    Thursday-October-20-2005: IS POKER JUST A GAME OF CHANCE OR SKILL? Do you need luck or wits to win at poker? We take a look.
  22. Poker Radio and the Supreme Court of Poker
    Friday-October-21-2005: POKER RADIO, PLUS THE SUPREME COURT OF POKER. A new poker radio station is launched. And we look at more powerful political figures who play poker.
  23. Stephen Hendry plays poker at the Bellagio
    Saturday-October-23-2005: What happened to the world's best snooker player, Stephen Hendry, when he played poker at the Bellagio in Las Vegas...
  24. Texas Holdem Poker Beginner: How to get play money
    Sunday-October-23-2005: A beginner's guide to playing Texas Hold'em with play money and becoming familliar with the various types of Texas Hold'em games. Plus, "ring"games explained.
  25. First time online poker players
    Monday-October-24-2005: What you need to know when playing poker online for the first time. Don't miss this short essential guide to playing poker online for the first time.
  26. Texas Hold'em Basics
    Tuesday-October-25-2005: The basics of online Texas Hold'em for those just beginning their online poker playing adventure! What you need to know when you first start playing Texas hold'em online.
  27. Online Poker Table Selection
    Wednesday-October-26-2005: How to choose the best online poker table to maximise your chances of success. The secrets of intellgence gathering when selecting the poker table that will give you the best odds of winning.
  28. Learning Omaha Poker
    Thursday-October-27-2005: Learn Omaha poker and expand your online poker game. Switching from Texas Hold'em to Omaha poker gives you far more options as a player ... here's how to do it.
  29. Las Vegas Gambling Vacation
    Friday-October-28-2005: Planning your first Las Vegas gambling vacation. Here's a guide to the best gaming hotel casinos and poker rooms to make your Las Vegas gambling trip an outright success. Plus, red dog poker, what is it and why you should give it a go.
  30. Legends of Poker: Jack Straus
    Saturday-October-29-2005: The late, great legend of poker: Jack "Tree Top" Straus. Discover what you can learn from this vociferous poker player.
  31. Poker Terminology
    Sunday-October-30-2005: Discover the meaning of all that poker terminology and never be confused again. Our poker lingo and poker jargon busting directory reveals the poker terminology meanings you need to know.
  32. Types of Texas Holdem poker game
    Monday-October-31-2005: Happy Halloween! Today's poker column explains the 3 types of Texas Holdem poker games available online - for the benefit of newbie poker players!

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