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Prop players

How some poker sites pay prop players to fill tables

Questions are coming in at about “prop players” and the sites that use them. A lot of poker sites pay prop players an hourly rate or a percentage of their rake to make sure all tables are filled for ordinary players coming online to play against. This is mainly done by the less successful sites but it is no cause for any alarm. Prop players are almost always players who are not good enough to make a professional living playing poker with their own bankroll. In a way they are good for online poker as they are there to start games and to make sure they keep games rolling along. In our experience playing against them they certainly don’t have any extra edge over a normal player coming to play online. The reward for prop players is relatively small change so think about it, if they were really any good wouldn’t they put their time to more rewarding use? However, if you are interested in being a prop player, check out this site where they are hiring: Part Time Poker


Q: What exactly does the crude term bonus whoring mean?
A: A bonus is offered by a site and requires that a new player plays a certain number of raked hands in order to make the bonus payable. Bonus whoring is where players with more time than skill spend their time going from site to site in order to play the minimum number of hands required in order to earn a bonus at each site they visit. It’s a lot of work, form filling and sweat for very little real reward and tends to be done by new or inexperienced players who would find it much more profitable to stick with a site they feel secure with and concentrate on improving their game, using tutorials and turning themselves into winners.

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October 10, 2005: 
Poker's Prop Players and Bonus Whoring