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Types of Texas Holdem poker game

For poker newbies, the three types of Texas Holdem poker games explained...

Types of Texas Holdem poker games

For first time onliners we’re going to run through the three types of Texas Hold’em available to play on most of the major sites.


As the name implies each player is only allowed to bet or raise in pre-agreed limits. A common fixed limit game might be $5-$10 Hold’em. This means that before the flop each player can bet $5 or raise $5. If there has been a bet of $5 the next player is able to match the $5 bet by calling, or he’s allowed to increase it with a raise of $5. On most sites there is a limit on the number of times bets and raises are permitted in any one round. The same betting amounts apply on the flop but when the “turn” card and the “river” card are dealt the betting limits are double. Hence it’s known as a $5-$10 fixed limit game. All further betting will be limited to increments of $10 maximum.

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As you’d expect, this takes the gloves off and the betting has no imposed ceiling. The game is only constrained by the amount of chips each player has available at the table. If raises get too steep a player has the option to go all-in with his remaining chips.
Going all-in ensures that the player concerned will see the rest of the community cards not already on display and will take part in the showdown. After an all-in has been made the betting has to be equalised by the other players. After the betting is equalised the remaining players may continue to bet in a side-pot until there is an outcome at the showdown.

In pot-limit you are free to bet anything up to the value of the pot which would include the value of the blinds plus whatever would be needed to call. It sounds more complicated than it is. Here’s an example. The small blind is $5 and the big blind is $10. Calling the big blind is going to cost $10 so the value of the pot at this stage is $25. Any raise would be limited to $25 which would mean $10 for the call plus $25 for the maximum raise. Of all the three types of Hold’em we have described, no-limit is the most popular.

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Types of Texas Holdem Poker Games