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Using Online Poker Tracking Software To Make Money

Stealing poker intelligence and data
with online poker tracking software

Obviously the best way to win at any game of poker would be if you could see your opponents’ hands. Well, this would not be allowed during a game currently in progress but with online poker tracking software previous hands can be done in a number of ways thanks to technology. A lot of the bigger sites like and others have a hand history feature which you can access in order to track how opponents have behaved in recent games, enabling you to profile them. This is much more important in online poker where you’re up against largely anonymous players who come and go with alarming regularity. Social games where you’re playing neighbours or friends are an entirely different environment. You know how many sugars they have in their tea and exactly what it means if they raise pre-flop. Hand histories are another extremely useful weapon when playing globally in cyberspace.

In addition to a site’s hand history feature there is now a Windows based Poker Tracker available which allows you to analyze online Texas Hold’em or Omaha 8 play. The Poker Tracker stores and summarizes hand histories that you can download from your regular poker site, as indicated above. The Tracker will track your ring game or tournament play on several sites at once. You can import hand histories from these sites and the Tracker will store them all on its database for your use. It doesn’t matter if your screen names aren’t the same, the Tracker will enable you to combine the details anyway. This is canny stuff.

The software will allow you to track your best and worst opponents, or indeed every player you’ve ever faced online. At a glance you’ll know their style of play. Here’s the kicker and why we’re telling you about it.  It’s FREE! You can import up to 1,000 hand histories for nothing and see if this is something that helps your game or gets in your way. We’re divided. If you’re boffin type, you’ll love it. If you’re an instinctive, going from the gut type of player, you’ll think it’s clutter and junk.


A surgeon and an architect are playing poker.

“If I make a mistake in my work the whole world gets to see it.” moans the architect.

“In my work if I make mistake,” replied the surgeon, “They bury it. Your turn to bet.”


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Thursday, October 06, 2005: 
Using Online Poker Tracking Software To Make Money