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Playing Poker
Against The Clock

Getting used to the online poker tempo
when you've been used to taking
your time in offline social poker...

A lot of social poker players are beginning to play online now and are discovering the main differences between the two situations. Some of those differences can be costly if you haven´t done your homework in advance. Most social players play with a group of friends once or twice a week at home and are used to taking their time to make betting decisions. Usually the amount of time taken  socially is dependant on the general banter and attitude shared by the gathering. There is in effect no clock ticking. This is NOT the case with online poker. A digital clock is ticking and this rushes the unsuspecting social player, often into fast and rash decisions. If you are timed out by the clock you´re put all-in whether you like it or not. This serves as an excellent, if sometimes costly lesson. The clock is an unforgiving disciplinarian and keeps the games speeding along. A lot more hands are played  and in general a lot more pots come and go. This is largely due to the fact that electronic dealers
speed through their tasks far more swiftly and efficiently than any physical dealer could possibly match. There´s the added bonus that electronic dealers don´t make mistakes.

Poker Column: Playing Poker Against The Clock -- Sunday, Oct 2nd, 2005

Also on the positive side, perhaps the very best difference between online poker and social games is the ability to immediately be able to get up from the table when you´re winning. This can be very difficult at home or at work with friends who emotionally expect you to give them the chance to win back everything you´ve plundered. Poker is about deception and aggression. These twin weapons are best wielded against people you don´t know, online, rather than against family or friends who may decide they´d prefer not to be either related or chummy after you´ve given them a sound thrashing at the showdown.

A lot of new players ask what happens if they are playing online and they suddenly get disconnected from the Internet? The answer on almost all of the major sites is exactly the same. You are automatically put all-in.

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Two pals are playing poker at home while the pet budgie flies happily round the room. Without warning the budgie swoops and craps on the guest´s cards.

“Sorry about about that, Bert. I´ll get some toilet paper.” says the host.

“I shouldn´t bother, Sid. The bird´s wiping its arse on your settee.”

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