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Frequently Asked
Poker Questions

Just getting started? Here're some pointers...

It’s estimated that several thousand players an hour are taking up online poker. It’s by far the fastest growing entertainment activity in the western world so for those of you joining our poker forum for the first time we’ve set out the basics to get you started.


Q: Do I have to download any special software before I can start playing?
A: On our client program is very small and provides a secure connection to the server where all the action takes place. Most major sites have a similar system. By dealing through secure servers all your account and credit card details are protected. Most software is Windows only with just a few sites supporting Macs.

Q: Do free-roll play money accounts give me a real feel for poker?
A:They are a way for you to check out a site to see if it suits you but generally the type of play experienced is not an indication of how players react when real money is involved. Real money brings out the true characteristics of a player and raises the excitement level along with the stakes.

Q: What are the advantages of online poker against real poker?
The most obvious is there’s always a game. Organising a real game is a social event that requires planning. Online is instantly available the moment you feel like it, even if it’s the middle of the night and there’s no requirement to get dressed!
Other advantages include being able to play more than one game at once. The rakes are less and you don’t have to tip the dealer. Where else would you get tournaments on demand? It’s more comfortable and you don’t have to breathe in cigar smoke unless it’s your own.
Disadvantages? The inability to really study a player’s reactions and expressions and to make real life judgements, but in general, online technology is offering so much more.

Q: As a blackjack fan can I get casino games, slots, roulette etc at
A: Absolutely. Over eighty of the very best casino games are available  as you enter the poker site. Just push the casino button. Have fun and try the poker tutorial while you’re at it.           


Two fanatical poker players, Bert and Sid,  are waiting impatiently for their favourite TV Poker programme to start. There are a few minutes to go before the poker begins and Morris dancers with jingle bells in their hats are performing on screen.

“Why on earth do Morris dancers wear bells?” asks Bert.

“So they can irritate the blind as well as us.” replies Sid.

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Frequently Asked Poker Questions