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First time online poker players

What you need to know
when playing poker online
for the first time...

First time online poker players

To those of you just deciding to start playing poker online we’re going to run through some of the essential points.

Is money you deposit with a large branded site safe? Yes it is. The reason the online industry has expanded so fast is that it has gained the trust of the general public and it’s now in nobody’s interest for that goodwill to be lost. Online gaming requires safe, secure payment systems enabling players to place bets and receive their winnings in an easy manner.

NETeller has been going for over six years now, along with a few similar companies, such  as Click2Pay, ePassporte and Firepay. All of these services allow online gamers to have what is effectively an “e-wallet” with which to conduct their internet finances. These are all easy, proven, honest, swift systems and it means you can now play poker online without any concern about identity fraud and credit theft.

Poker and casino software these days will run on the most basic of computers. Windows is still dominant as the software of choice but even Apple PC’s are supported by the big casino and poker sites now.

Yes you can. Open a “free play” account with the poker or casino site of your choice and they’ll give you a generous supply of chips so that you can come to grips with your game of choice. offers “freeplay” poker and casino activities.

Yes it is. Go to your site of choice ( is typical of the big branded sites) and download the poker room “client”. This is the easy to load software which will connect you to the servers. To install, all you have to do is double click on the icon and the software will self-install. Once installed you’ll be connected to the poker room which will offer you a clear registration window. After a few simple registration questions you’ll enter the lobby area where you can select the game you’re interested in. If you want to take instruction on any particular game you’ll find the tutorials are very simple to follow with lots of visuals. If you want to play for real money right away go to the “cashier” in the lobby and establish where and how you want your winnings paid. Again the process is very straightforward and you only have to do it once. Have fun!

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October 24, 2005: 
First Time Online Poker Players