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Poker Radio

It had to happen. Now we’ve got Poker Radio. Finally gaming mania has taken complete control. It’s actually possible to play poker online while listening to your favourite card gurus dishing out the best advice available during day- long interviews, interspersed with your favourite records, poker jokes and cool tutorials. DJ Russ, aka the Big R, is happy to take your free phone calls and opinions on poker free on +44 8000 612 536 or email

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Reading the Big Blind For Tells

In previous columns we’ve touched on the poker obsession of various American Presidents. However, any American will tell you the most powerful man in the USA is not the President (they come and go), it’s the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: once appointed, they’re in charge for life. William H. Rehnquist (recently deceased) was Chief Justice for many many years and in a country where online poker playing is illegal in most states, you’ll be amused to hear Rehnquist was an avid player. So much so that during the boring intervals in the massive impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, the Chief Justice himself could be found in chambers raising the ante in games of Texas Hold’em with his court staff. According to Sergeant at Arms, Jim Ziglar, “money and cards were strewn all over the Justice’s table.” Good to know that the highest rankling legal figure in America was at odds with his own laws when it came to poker. According to another Supreme Court judge, Justice Scalia, it was not uncommon for Supreme Court Justices to play poker with Presidents past and present. So, one law for the most powerful in the land and one law for everyone else. It’s the American way.

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ALL THE ACES poker column:
October 21, 2005: 
Poker radio, plus the Supreme Court of Poker

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