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Camouflage Poker:
Hiding Your At-Work
Poker Game From Your Boss

How to avoid getting busted by your
boss when playing online poker at work!

Camouflage poker: how to hide your poker game at work from your boss!


A lot of office workers love the idea of a swift game of poker at their desks during lunch but aren’t sure how the boss or co-workers might react. For just eleven quid you can install gamouflage which cleverly ghosts your PC screen in such a way that from a distance of just a few feet it will appear as though you have a screen-saver in place. In fact, close-up, you will be able to see clearly through gamouflage to the game of Texas Hold’em you currently have in progress while chomping through your ham sandwiches.


All the major poker sites get a huge upturn in business during lunch hours so if you’re part of that demand-surge, at last you can play undetected. At the very least, if the boss ever catches you out, he’s going to admire your ingenuity enough to want to know how it works, even if he is showing you to the door with your P 45’s at the time. Try if you’re the kind of employee who likes to gamble with how the boss might react.


(Ed: When I checked this, it was down, but you can get similar software like Anti-Boss Key - Hide Windows Quickly)


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Q: How do I collect my winnings from any of the major online sites?

A: Most of them work the same way. The credit and debit card companies won’t allow gaming operators to transfer funds back onto your cards so usually your winnings will be deposited into an e-wallet account like NETeller or of course they’ll wire your personal account or send you a cheque to whatever address you nominate. Obviously, winnings paid into your account with the site are available at any time for you to play with instantly.


Q: What happens if I want to upgrade from play money to real cash?

A: Just head for the cashier’s window where you’ll get a fresh password for online use and be asked for an address and phone number. All this is purely to protect you from anyone else logging onto your account and attempting to withdraw your winnings.

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For just under forty pounds you can buy the ultimate social poker “must have”. They’re imaginatively called “Poker Specs” and are the logical development when you consider how many professional players like to hide any tell -tale facial expressions from the opposition’s gaze by using standard sunglasses. Normally the thick bottom part of the frame on normal sunglasses obstructs the view of your cards when you are constantly peering down, game after game.


Pokerspecs' poker glasses


Poker Specs are specifically designed more like a visor and have no bottom frame, allowing perfect peering to take place whilst continuing to shade your expressions of agony or ecstacy at the same time. If you’re interested, go to

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October 19, 2005: 
Camouflage POker: Hiding your onlne poker game from your boss!