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Female Poker Players:
Tiffany Williamson
at the WSOP

How the Queen of Clerkenwell, Tiffany
Williamson, is becoming one of the top
female poker players in the world!

 Tiffany Williamson - top female poker players

Twenty six year old African-American college graduate Tiffany Williamson, who has chosen Clerkenwell in London as her home, is a student who has worked hard all her young life for success. It’s doubtful however, she ever dreamed it would come in the form of a $400,000 prize for managing a very creditable fifteenth place at this year’s World Series of Poker. This feat alone makes her the second highest female finisher to compete in the WSOP main event. Only Annie “The Duchess” Duke has bettered her performance and she’s rated as the greatest woman poker player in the World! Just in case this doesn’t sound enough like a fairy tale, Tiffany didn’t play her first live game of poker until January 2005. After a series of early successes she landed a free travel, free hotel, $1,000 entry to a World Series satellite tournament. Determined to give the opportunity everything she had, Williamson began to play online as often as her schedule would allow, honing her instinctive gift for the game prior to the big event. On arriving in Vegas one of the milestone moments for Tiffany was sitting through a fifteen hour eliminating session. She claims it taught her the value of patience  and avoiding  forcing things to happen. The fifteen hour ordeal also qualified her for a seat at the first day of the WSOP opening stage.

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“The thrill of the opportunity to play against all those great players kept me from getting fatigued and when the adrenalin kicked in I was suddenly up for it! My most significant win along the way  was with an A-Q where I called all-in and spiked a 10 for a gutshot straight against an opponent who had made a set on a K-J-3 flop.”  However, this could hardly have been as satisfying as when the chip leader arrogantly “doubled Tiffany up” only to find she had aces to his kings. Now that was a hoot. By the third tournament day, Tiffany Williamson had amassed more than a quarter of a million dollars and was getting plenty of TV coverage as one of the last females left in the contest.

Top female poker players: Tiffany Williamson

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“When I reached $2,000,000 in chips I started to believe! Then I roller coastered down to $600,000 and then doubled back up to $1,200,000 and ended the day at $1,000,000.” Not bad for a rookie and what a learning curve. Having finally lucked out at fifteenth place, Tiffany Williamson can afford quite a celebration “breakfast” with her hard earned $400,000 in prize money. Way to go girl. Look out Duchess, here comes the Queen of Clerkenwell.

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October 15, 2005: 
Female poker players: Tiffany Wiliamson at the WSOP