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Online Poker Table Selection

How to choose the best online poker table to maximise your chances of success

Choosing the best online poker table...
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A smart thing to do before choosing a poker table to play at online, is to check out the lobby area. Look for the names of players you recognise from previous games and see if they have recently started playing in higher stakes games. If they are, it’s significant. It’s likely to mean one of two things: Either they’ve had a good run of luck at their usual stake, or they’ve  decided they’ve now mastered their game. This is likely to turn out to be an over-confident mistake which many reasonably new players make. There’s an excellent chance when they find themselves swimming with bigger fish they’ll get fried and lose a chunk of their chips. Inevitably they’ll end up back at the lower stakes games with their confidence in tatters, there for you to gut and fillet. Gathering information of this sort is exactly the way certain professional players go about sniffing out their prey. To get the best out of this kind of intel gathering you need to stay pretty much with the same online site so that players’ names and icons become familiar to you. (Ed: See also: Table Selection)

When you’re in the lobby area of your chosen online poker site you should see the following information displayed:
1) The number of players at the table currently. The names of those players and the number of players waiting to join the game.
2) The average pot size of each game.
3) The number of hands dealt per hour.
All of the above is very profitable intel. The key is knowing how to use it. Let’s say the pot size is good in a particular case. This tells us more players are keeping in the game for longer which will also be confirmed by the fact a relatively low number of hands are being dealt per hour. Almost certainly a high percentage of players are playing through the flop which is lengthening the games as per the stats. What we have here is a loose table.  Aggressive play does not involve going through a whole load of flops as above. You’ve learned what you need to know. Here’s a loose table for you to join.

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Two friends who have been playing poker every weekend for years are enjoying their usual cut and thrust.

Sid: “How come you can make so many mistakes in a single day?”

Brian: “I get up early.”

ALL THE ACES poker column:
October 26, 2005: 
Online Poker Table Selection