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Legends of Poker:
Phil "Poker Brat" Helmuth

Why the Poker Brat is feared and revered...

Legend of Poker: Phil Hellmuth

Legend of poker Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth has won nearly $5,000,000 in his professional poker career and he’s fond of the statement, “Phil Hellmuth is the best poker player of all time!” It would of course have more impact if it wasn’t a statement he made himself, but that’s Phil. As the youngest player ever to win the World Series of Poker main event age twenty four, Hellmuth is probably entitled to some of his famous tantrums. Add to that the fact that in order to win the highest trophy in poker he had to take down the legendary Johnny “Orient Express” Chan and you begin to see how an ego of some size might have come into being. There are only three players alive with nine WSOP bracelets to their name: Johnny Chan, Doyle Brunson and, you’ve guessed it, Phil Hellmuth. His weakness is his explosive temperament. During the televising of the World Poker Tour, Phil got a bad beat and threw his six foot five inch frame to the studio floor and lay their kicking and screeching like a wild cat. This doesn’t endear him to a lot of serious poker players but to his fans it demonstrates his originality. As he currently occupies the number one spot at the Poker Tournament Hall of Fame I guess the fact he’s a “one off” isn’t in doubt.

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Q: What’s an affiliate?
An affiliate is someone who recommends a friend or work associate to an online poker site. The affiliate will earn a dollar payment or a percentage of the referred person’s rake for as long as that person plays on the site recommended. Most of the major sites have an affiliate program. This can be a very rewarding activity for someone with a wide circle of friends.

Q: How do bonuses work for new players?
A: A bonus is extra cash a site will give you when you make a deposit with them. It’s normally twenty or twenty five per cent up to a maximum of $100 to $150 for each deposit made. Beware of very high bonus offers as it usually means the site in question is desperate for customers. Security lies with large branded sites which are properly audited and inspected regularly.

Q: What are “bot” programs and are they scarey?
Bots are robot computer programs which some techies are able to connect into sites. The pre-programmed software they use are not much good against a reasonable poker player and they are illegal on most sites. They don’t represent any more of a threat than any other opponent. We have seen some of the advanced models which may eventually be more effective but as they are fairly easy for sites to detect and deter they’re not of real concern.

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Legends of Poker: Phil Helmuth