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Helen Chamberlain

Daily Star columnist leading the
way for women in Britain to feel
comfortable playing poker online...

Helen Chamberlain: top woman poker player Helen Chamberlain
Helen "Hell's Bells" Chamberlain

Helen Chamberlain is not just an entertaining columnist for the Daily Star and the best looking presenter on Sky Sports. The gutsy blonde is truly leading the way for British women to feel very comfortable gambling online. Listening to a quote she gave a magazine the other day I was struck by the pure sanity of the woman who's rapidly becoming one of the top women poker players in the world.

"People think if you head into a casino you come out eyes deep in debt. It's not true. I can play at a casino, buy £30 worth of chips, and still have the same amount two hours later!"

It's the entertainment value. It's the involvement. It's not passive like sitting in front of theTV for hours on end like a couch potato (with the exception of Soccer AM!). See also: Hell's Bells

Sexy Helen Chamberlain

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