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Poker Fish Farming

How to make money from poker whether you play or not

POKER: Some pokerfish are easier to spot than others!

Going Poker Fishing
This poker article discusses a way of harvesting poker "fish" (the poker newbies whose virgin innocence makes them vulnerable to experienced, disciplined poker players like yourself!). The poker industry is a runaway train that just seems to keep gathering momentum. From a $1.5 billion dollar industry over the last two years, it is predicted to become a $4 billion industry in the next year or so. That means there's a hell of a lot of money to be made in poker! We've already reported on the ever-increasing big pots offered by tournaments (see Millionaire Poker Stakes) and you can bet your bottom dollar those pots are only going to get bigger and more alluring. So keep on refining your skills and you'll rake in more and more big pots on a consistent basis. If you are clever and want to make a living from online poker, you will learn to haunt (hunt?) the poker sites that have the most "fish". You can quickly discover what sort of games and which tables it is most profitable to focus your poker playing upon.

Poker PHISH Farm
With this ocean of cash swilling around the online poker industry, it's a perfect time for you to get smart and build your own 'fish' farm. Wild fish are hard to catch, but farmed fish are contained in an area where you can easily scoop out as many of them as you want! Now, this could be as simple as putting together a home poker game with some buddies, neighbours or associates that you are confident are new to poker. You could even offer low-key classes in poker instruction and gradually evolve your class members into a regular poker game. Naturally, you will teach them how to play poker, and naturally you will retain enough of an advantage to stealthily milk them of their poker cash when you want to! An even better way of building a ready audience with cash in hand is to build a poker website or poker related business. In the California Gold Rush of the Wild West, the real winners were the shopkeepers who sold the miners shovels, picks, jeans, hardware and groceries! It's the same with poker... the big winners are the casino owners, and those who sell poker-related products and services. Michael Wilmington discusses a wide range of ways that you can easily cash-in on the ocean of poker cash swilling around the world. You can read and profit from his ideas here: Online Poker Cash Cow.

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Thursday January 05, 2006: 
Poker Fish Farming