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Among the Gods of Poker, One Shining Example Stands Out...

POKER GODS - Phil Ivey
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There’s a lot of talk about so-called Poker Gods and the same ten or twelve names are spilled out each time but one player truly does seem to walk permanently on a sea of dollar bills and that player is Phil Ivey. His recent performance in Monte Carlo was pretty much supernatural. He barely lost a game in three solid days of tournament play. On one night he won $1,000,000 which was apparently not enough so the following night he promptly won another $700,000. $1,700,000 back to back from the man who claims these sort of tournaments are not where the REAL money is made. Apparently the mega bucks change hands in private high roller rooms at the Bellagio where the likes of Ivey and Brunson take on silicon valley billionaires and their ilk at $3,000-$6,000 no-limit Texas Hold’em. Well, that may be about to become small beer.

THE $60,000,000 MAN! 
Ivey still clings to this column because his next tournament is almost off the planet and not for those with a nervous bankroll. The buy-in is $10,000,000 and the winner-takes-all prize is a staggering $60,000,000! The mega event is scheduled for July 12th and Phil Ivey plus five other players have already bought their seats at the table. Watch this space for more updates during the spring.
Okay, so there are millions to be made in football (soccer) if you happen to have the perfect physique, have dribbled and tackled since you were in the womb and don’t mind having your knees replaced by the time you’re thirty-five. Poker however is becoming just as rewarding and the game doesn’t care what your physical condition is and you can play as long as your last breath. At last, a sport for all ages that’s as accessible as your own PC. If you haven’t done a FREE tutorial at yet you just aren’t interested in the game of life.

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Poker Gods


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