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February 2006

Archive of All The Aces POKER COLUMN for Feb 2006

POKER COLUMN February 2006

Welcome to the February 2006 POKER COLUMN archive. This is where you will find the daily poker columns published first in the Daily Star newspaper and then archived here for your enjoyment, education and to help you improve as a poker player. Every day of the week, we publish a poker column bringing you the latest news and gossip from the world of poker, hot poker strategies, tips and details of the latest poker tournaments that you can deal yourself into. Learn from the best poker players in the world and join in the fun as poker becomes the most popular game in the world....

  • What Sort of People Play Poker Online?
    Wednesday-February-01-2006: So who ARE you playing poker online against anyway -- see our unofficial survey. Plus your poker questions answered. Bet raise, steal raise, opener, the squeeze learn what these mean.
  • No-Limit Poker Tournament Tips
    Thursday-February-02-2006: As no-limit poker tournaments grow in popularity we thought we'd better offer you some timely poker tournament tips to help you succeed!
  • Poker Winners' Tips
    Friday-February-03-2006: Two big poker winners share their winning poker tips. Plus, what is the "cut off seat"?
  • Poker Goes Bling!
    Tuesday-February-07-2006: You could call it poker blingo -- East and West coast rappers playing poker for their bling diamond jewelry. Check it out.... Plus, interpreting bets and the make or break moment of deciding whether to go all-in or not.
  • Lucky At Cards
    Wednesday-February-08-2006: Poker is such a sweet game when you've got that lucky winning feeling and your game takes place in a state of flow.... Plus, bonus harvesting - is it worth it?
  • When To Play Poker Aggressively
    Thursday-February-09-2006: Discover how and when to target your aggression when playing poker online or offline. Plus we explain the poker terms: jacks or better, lowball, and jam.
  • Poker Tournament Tip For Low Chipstack Moments
    Friday-February-10-2006: How to play when you are down to your last few poker chips in a poker tournament. This tournament tip shows you the strategy the pros use. Plus, poker and the law, latest news.
  • The Poker Gods
    Saturday-February-11-2006: Amongst the poker gods, there is one man standing out as the Tiger Woods of Poker, and that's Phil Ivey... who wll be one of six gods of poker playing a $60,000,000 pot in a special poker tournament later this year.
  • Lock Stock & £900: Treating Poker Like A Stockmarket Investment
    Sunday-February-12-2006: How a savvy young trader plays poker like he plays the stockmarket, and why this poker strategy may pay great dividends in your poker game.
  • Chasing a Low Straight
    Tuesday-February-14-2006: Clearing up the quandry of when you should and when you shouldn't go chasing a low straight in poker.
  • Poker versus Tyson
    Wednesday-February-15-2006: How the former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson, will be punching for a Full House or better in a unique televised poker event.
  • Playing Big or Small Pairs
    Thursday-February-16-2006: Let's talk about the perils of playing pairs - big pairs or small pairs. Plus more poker lingo explained including the terms 'bubble boy', 'crack' and 'terminator'.
  • Poker Terms Gap Hand Gut Shot Implied Odds Drawing Dead and Dead Money
    Friday-February-17-2006: Keep up to speed with poker's jargon. 'Gap hand', 'gut-shot', 'implied odds', 'drawing dead' and 'dead money' are explained simply.
  • UK Wakes Up To Poker Opportunity
    Saturday-February-18-2006: New research suggests the UK is waking up to the economic opportunity presented by poker and casino gambling with new mega casinos planned, vocational degrees in casino skills and management and lunch break poker players pocketing up to £400 an hour playing the world's most popular online game!
  • Hollywood Poker Wars: New Poker Movies In Development
    Monday-February-20-2006: Hollywood is buzzing with new poker movies in development that will lead to poker wars at the box office. Also we look at using intimidation during online poker games. Plus, 'extra blind', 'live blind', 'lock hand', and 'live hand' explained.
  • Busted Flush or Busty Flash At New Hooters Casino Hotel
    Tuesday-February-21-2006: Hooters, the up front eatery chain, has gone for bust at its new Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas where you are guaranteed to see 'tops and bottoms' at your poker table. Plus, latest card school question and answer session.
  • Best Poker Movies: 'Music Of Chance' Tops Our List
    Saturday-February-25-2006: What's your favourite poker movie of all time? Plus, moving from video poker games to regular online poker games, and we answer your questions about collusion between poker players.
  • Online Poker: Using The Pre-Action Buttons
    Sunday-February-26-2006: Essential online poker tips for using the pre-action buttons wisely, plus why male poker players should beware of pretty gals wearing low-cut dresses.
  • Poker manners, brutal plays and aggressive poker action
    Monday-February-27-2006: When poker manners are used as a poker strategy rather than mere courtesy. Plus, the brutal lessons of no limit poker and why aggression will always win more poker chips than caution.
  • Poker For Dogs
    Tuesday-February-28-2006: Why my mastiff dog, Butch, is a better poker player than I am. Plus the Eurpean Poker Tour final is hotting up so why aren't you there? Also, why 10-2 is a Doyle Brunson, and what a 'split pot' is.

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