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Poker Winners' Tips

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Poker Winners' Tips
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We’ve had some big winners on recently and two of them have volunteered some tips that have helped them streamline their game. See what you think. Tip B is extremely wise and is based on the famous saying by Doyle Brunson, “Everything you’ve put into the pot belongs to the pot! It’s not yours. Forget about that money.”

Don’t try to bluff inexperienced newbie players. You can’t successfully bluff someone who doesn’t really understand what they’re doing. Paradoxically, a bluff works better against an experienced player.

Remember to approach each and every round of betting as though it was the first round. Do not allow the shadow of what you have already invested in the pot to follow you. A lot of players become “pot committed” and start chasing their investment. Always look at each bet in complete isolation and if all the intel is telling you to fold, forget what you’ve put in already and remember what you’ll be saving by having the discipline to fold.

Given that 71% of everything you are going to need to know in a game of Texas Hold’em is revealed to you at the flop make sure your main focus is on what could be out there among your opposition. If the flop is showing two or three same suited cards or two or three consecutive cards there’s a good chance someone is going to make the flush or straight by the turn or the river. Even if you’re holding a high pair you probably should be folding.

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Q: What is a “cut off seat”?
This refers to the seat directly to the right of the dealer. It is the second best position at the table as you will be able to see the majority of players bet or fold before you are required to take action.

Q: What does the term “under the gun” mean?
A: If you are the player who bets first in any given round of betting you are said to be, “under the gun”.

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Poker Winners' Tips