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What sort of people play poker online?

Who are you playing poker against online?

What sort of people play poker online?
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What kind of people play poker online at Taxi drivers, office workers, cleaners, managers, salesmen, delivery guys, housewives back from the school run who sit down with a cup of tea and take a crack at a few hours of Texas Hold’em. In short, just about any kind of person likely to read the Daily Star. So for the benefit of all of you, here are some frequently asked questions about poker.

Q: What is a check-raise?
It’s a come-on. You check to your opposition to reel them in to bet so that you can raise him or her back. You are creating a false sense of security with the intention of raising them and increasing the pot size. This is usually done when you have a premium hand and want to make sure the pot properly rewards the quality of your cards.

Q: What’s a steal-raise?
A: Assuming you are the last player to act and all your opponents
have checked to you, your tactic is to bet  simply to reduce the number of players, by making them fold. Your ultimate strategy here is to attempt to buy the pot while surrounded by a lack of confidence amongst your opposition.

Q: What does it mean to bet for information?
A: This is called an “Opener”. An opener is when the first person to act, raises, forcing every other player at the table to call two bets at once. Mostly this will cause a majority of players to fold, which is of course the purpose of the tactic. However, the players who stay in the game are either psychos, so watch out, or are holding premium hands, which is even worse. Professional players call this strategy, “betting for information”. You’re finding out what you’re up against.

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Q: What is a “Squeeze”?

A: A squeeze is usually employed in a game with not too many players, commonly referred to as a short-handed game. If you are holding a good hand and you’re picking up clues that other players may be on a draw, you place a bet to discourage them. Let’s say you have a pair of Aces and King off suit and your opponents are hoping to draw to a possible flush or run. The odds are against them making their flush or run and they know that. Your killer bet may be just the trick to squeeze them. You’re basically trying to limit their pot odds by your actions. You have to make them doubt their chances and force them to fold.

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What Sort of People Play Poker Online?