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Daily Poker Column
for September 2005   

This is the archive for the ALL THE ACES
daily poker column appearing in The Daily
Star newspaper in September 2005:

  1. Mess with Their Heads
    Thursday-September-1-2005: MESS WITH THEIR HEADS. How to get a psychological edge over your poker opponents.... Poker is a game where the psychological edge can be a deciding factor.
  2. Great Moments in Poker
    Friday-September-2-2005: GREAT MOMENTS IN POKER. Daniel Negreanu versus Kido Pham. Check out this great moment in poker as Negreanu beat Kido Pham on a huge bet.
  3. Tournament Tips
    Saturday-September-3-2005: TOURNAMENT TIPS. 3 Things You MUST Know For Winning Tournament Play. No-limit tournament play is taking off like wildfire online and offline, so it's becoming increasingly important to really grasp the way it differs from cash games...
  4. Bluffing Smart Folk
    Monday-September-5-2005: BLUFFING SMART FOLK. Why bluffing works better against more experienced players.... And what you MUST know about bluffing if you want to win consistently.
  5. Brit Successes
    Tuesday-September-6-2005: BRIT SUCCESSES. British Poker Player Winnings at WSOP 2005 Revealed! Plus Chris Moneymaker continues his winning success streak....
  6. Poker Slang Terms
    Wednesday-September-7-2005:POKER SLANG TERMS. Learning the lingo of the poker tables. A whole new poker lingo has grown up among the new breed of brash onliners, and to help newbies among you decipher what is going on in the chat rooms, here are a few of the more publishable items.
  7. Helen Chamberlain
    Thursday-September-8-2005: HELEN CHAMBERLAIN. The Daily Star columnist leading the way for women in Britain to feel comfortable playing poker online. Plus what is a check-raise? And when to progress from limit to no-limit poker.
  8. The Tipple Tip
    Friday-September-9-2005: THE TIPPLE TIP. The best time of day to play poker and win! Plus an online poker tournament where you could win $8,000,000!
  9. Mobile Phone Poker and Gaming
    Saturday-September-10-2005: MOBILE PHONE POKER AND GAMING. The reality of playing poker and casino games on your mobile phone. Plus, the latest poker movie from Guy Richie.
  10. Playing The Percentage Game In Poker
    Sunday-September-11-2005: PLAYING THE PERCENTAGE GAME IN POKER. Why poker newbies must make the percentages work in their favour. Plus, we explore the poker strategy of 'slow play' or slow playing.
  11. Putins Poker Capital
    Monday-September-12-2005: PUTIN'S POKER CAPITAL. How Russia now has some of the best casinos in the world.
  12. Short handed versus max handed poker games
    Tuesday-September-13-2005: SHORT HANDED VERSUS MAX HANDED POKER TABLES. What's better to play, a full table or a short-handed game? Plus, successfully making the transition from play money poker to real money poker games.
  13. Darth Vadar Star Poker Wars
    Wednesday-September-14-2005: DARTH VADER STAR POKER WARS. Hayden Christensen heads up celebrity poker event for charity. Plus, how much cash to bring to the poker table, and the playing pairs strategy.
  14. The Fear Factor
    Saturday-September-17-2005: THE FEAR FACTOR. Always be on the lookout for an opponent’s weaknesses and the fear factor. A lot of players regularly bet the flop with a decent hand, but will follow up by checking the turn. This is a fear reaction.
  15. Transferring Skills From Social Poker To Online Poker
    Sunday-September-18-2005: TRANSFERRING YOUR PLAYING SKILLS FROM SOCIAL POKER TO ONLINE POKER. The key points you need to know to transfer your offline poker playing skills to achieve online poker success.
  16. The Celebrity Poker Player Advantage
    Sunday-September-18-2005: Part 2: THE CELEBRITY POKER PLAYER ADVANTAGE. How celebrity poker players use fame and fortune to their advantage to dominate poker tournaments.
  17. New Player Protection and Data Mining
    Monday-September-19-2005: NEW PLAYER PROTECTION and DATA MINING. How new poker players can protect themselves, plus data mining software and its limitations...
  18. Twin Monitors and Multi Tabling
    Tuesday-September-20-2005: TWIN MONITORS AND MULTI-TABLING. Are you rushing too soon into playing multi-table poker? Plus 'hot numbers' and 'baby stakes' defined.
  19. Chinese Poker Chips
    Wednesday-September-21-2005: CHINESE POKER CHIPS. Genuine antique Chinese poker chips and how you can play with them at your next social poker game. Plus, what is "a Siegfried and Roy" and is theirs "a mixed marriage"? New poker terms defined.
  20. Legends Of Poker John Phan and Michael Mizrachi
    Thursday-September-22-2005: LEGENDS OF POKER JOHN PHAN AND MICHAEL MIZRACHI. The favourite for the Poker Player of the Year race and the winner of the most przie money this year...
  21. The Turn Card in Texas Holdem
    Friday-September-23-2005: THE TURN CARD IN TEXAS HOLDEM. The best way to play the turn card in Texas Hold 'em poker explored and explained. Plus, when to show you've been bluffng.
  22. Amarillo Slim Preston In London In the Sixities
    Saturday-September-24-2005: AMARILLO SLIM PRESTON PLAYING POKER IN LONDON IN THE SIXTIES. How Amarillo Slim got busted for verbal deception at an early British poker club.
  23. Playing Poker Games For Cash
    Sunday-September-25-2005: PLAYING POKER GAMES FOR CASH. How to step up from playing "play money" poker games to real cash money poker games. Plus, Blackjack card counting explained.
  24. The Mixed Fortunes of Poker Playing Presidents
    Monday-September-26-2005: THE MIXED FORTUNES OF POKER PLAYING PRESIDENTS. The poker playing strategy of President Richard Nixon compared with that of President Harry S. Truman.
  25. Hypnotic Seduction No Tilt Poker Hypnosis CDs
    Tuesday-September-27-2005: HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION PROGRAM TO STOP PLAYING ON-TILT POKER WITH POKER HYPNOSIS CDS. Improve your poker skills with hypnosis. learn to over come going on tilt when playing and master your poker game.
  26. Dealing With Poker Maniacs
    Wednesday-September-28-2005: DEALING WITH POKER MANIACS. Useful poker strategies for playing maniac aggressive players. Plus, casino security; and the value of Aces and Kings.
  27. Switching from Texas holdem to Omaha Poker
    Thursday-September-29-2005: SWITCHING FROM TEXAS HOLDEL TO OMAHA POKER. The most important things to remember when moving from Texas Hold'em poker to Omaha poker. Top Omaha tips.
  28. Going On Tilt
    Friday-September-30-2005: GOING ON TILT: Don't let your emotions turn you into a crazy poker player playing on tlt. And why you must get a broadband connection if you want to be a serious poker player.

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