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The Semi Bluff Explained

The Semi Bluff Explained
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Peter Ware is a new poker player on and he posted the question: "What on earth is a semi-bluff?"

The great poker theorist David Sklansky originally came up with the term semi-bluff to describe a bet with a hand which , if called, does not figure to be the best hand at that moment, but has a reasonable chance of outdrawing those hands that initially called it. The semi-bluff, in contrast to an ordinary bluff (usually launched with a comparitively useless hand) provides a player with twice the chance of pulling off a win.

The semi-bluffer's first chance is that an opponent will believe that he is holding a premium hand and fold. If the opponent calls, the semi-bluffer's second chance requires him to draw a card that takes his current hand ahead of his opposition. Professional's will tend to use a semi-bluff much more often than an outright bluff.

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The Semi Bluff Explained