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Women Poker Players

How More And More Women Are Playing Poker... And Winning!

Women Poker Players - Jennifer Tilly

Look out, lads! The women are coming in droves to the poker table! It used to be the case that if women played cards at all they went to whist drives.

In very upmarket homes a rubber of bridge might have been the social order at the dinner party. Not now, chaps. Channel Five newsreader Fiona Foster has taken upi poker along with her husband. Tom Cruise's former wife, Mimi Rogers, is a dedicated poker player, as is TV personality Claudia Winkleman. Perhaps the most interesting recruit of all is TV Soccer AM's brainy blonde Helen Chamberlain.

Helen Chamberlain is fast becoming a poker standard bearer for the new army of female online poker players.

Women poker players - Helen Chamberlain

"I recently turfed tournament favourite Ram Vaswani out of the SKY Poker Million competition," chirps a confident Miss Chamberlain.

And how did you manage that little miracle, Helen? Share your tips with Daily Star readers right this minute:

"It was a bullying tactic. It's one thing being a bully but when I'm being bullied, I fold unless I think I've got a hand. That's how I beat Ron Vaswani. He went all-in and we already had the flop and there was nothing. I had a pair and he obviously we